Announcing Casper Name Service

Casper Name Service (CNS) is a permissionless protocol that makes it possible for anyone to purchase a Casper-specific domain name. You can point your domain name to your public key, account hash or to a contract hash.

The CNS domain names will be minted as NFTs. This means that these domain names will be available on the Friendly Market NFT marketplace.

Why Use Domain Names

Domain names makes it possible to map complex, hard-to-read public keys, to simple, readable and efficient names. You will then be able to use domain names instead of public keys, account hashes on any Casper dApp that integrates CNS.


CNS will be integrated across various applications in the Casper ecosystem. Thanks to these integrations, you will able to use your recipient’s CNS domain name instead of their public key. This makes it more convenient and easier to verify the correctness of your transaction information.

Using Gosuto Wallet (left) and CasperHolders (right) to transfer tokens to a CNS domain name.


The pricing for the domain names will vary depending on the length of the chosen name. More details will be provided soon.

superREI holders will get 50% of any fees accrued from the CNS, while the other 50% will go towards the Friendly Market treasury.

About Friendly Market

Your gateway to decentralized finance on the Casper network giving you access to multiple products and one ecosystem.



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Home of DeFi on Casper

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