Friendly Market — Arcadia Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with The Arcadia Media Group. Arcadia is a blockchain security and development firm that has been working in the space since 2017.

Arcadia is a partner of CasperLabs and is one of the very first builders on the Casper blockchain and have made plenty contributions to the Casper ecosystem including the Gosuto Wallet.

We’re excited to be working with Friendly.Market as security and channel partners, it’s exciting to see the many different avenues Friendly Market is innovating in, including AMMs, Launchpads, and Options Markets. We look forward to working with them in growing the Casper ecosystem 😄 — Rasikh Morani, CEO, The Arcadia Media Group

Arcadia are helping us to secure our code and to ensure we give our community the best possible products.

To learn more about The Arcadia Group, visit

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Home of DeFi on Casper

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Friendly Market

Friendly Market

Home of DeFi on Casper

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